These few plants are separated from the other marginal plants because they need to grow in water that is slightly deeper. Normally about 8 to 12 inch of water above the soil level, whereas the marginals would grow in 2 to 4 inches of water above the soil. They are useful plants that bridge the gap between lilies in the deep water and marginals at the edge.

Acorus Calamus
Native. Sharp Iris like foliage which gives off a sweet scent when crushed or damaged. Strong grower unless contained. Height 24 inch plus.
Common Name: Sweet Scented Rush
Price: £4.95 ea.
Acorus Calamus Variegatus
Variegated form of the native plant with similar characteristics, combined with striking vertical variegations.
Price: £4.95 ea.
Acorus Gramineus Variegatus
Beautiful variegated dwarf rush that grows little blades arranged in fans.
Common Name: Variegated slender sweet flag.
Price: £6.95 ea.
Alisma Parviflorum
A compact and attractive form of the native form Alisma with more rounded leaves. When mature it has numerous flowers heads with pinkish/ white petals.
Price: £6.95 ea.
Anemopsis Californicum
With beautiful white scented flowers with broad dark green leaves this plant is a must for any pond. The flowers and leaves can be used for pot-pourri.
Price: £6.95 ea.
Calla Palustrus
Bog Arum Lily. Low growing attractive spade like foliage with matching ivory white flowers. Travels across the surface but is not invasive.
Common Name: Bog Arum
Price: £6.95 ea.
Caltha Palustrus Alba
White Marsh Marigold with similar shaped flowers to the wild variety. Smaller, neater foliage and the blooms much earlier in the Spring.
Common Name: White Marsh Marigold
Price: £6.95 ea.
Caltha Palustrus Plena
Cultivated form of Marsh Marigold. Neat foliage clump, pom-pom shaped double flowers in late Spring.
Common Name: Double Marsh Marigold
Price: £9.95 ea.
Caltha Polypetela
Giant Marsh Marigold . A more rangy form of marigold. Late Spring it will form a 24 inch bush of yellow buttercups. A wonderful showy sight.
Common Name: Giant Marsh Marigold
Price: £9.95 ea.
Carex Panicea
A delicate plant of blueish slender leaves.
Common Name: Carnation Grass
Price: £6.95 ea.
Carex Riparia Variagata
Varigated foliage with grassy flower heads of red/brown/jet black in late Spring
Price: £9.95 ea.
Cotula Coronopifolia
Golden Buttons. Pretty trailing plant with masses of yellow pincushions, very useful edge covering marginal.
Common Name: Golden Buttons
Price: £4.95 ea.
Dichromena Colorata
A fantastic plant for later in the season as the attractive green and white star shaped bracts rise above the grass like foliage and continue into November. Making this plants a great addition to any pond.
Common Name: Star grass
Height: 40-60 cm
Price: £6.95 ea.
Equisetum Scirpoides
A clump forming plant that produces a mass of green, grass-like stems, each bearing bands of brown. A useful plant as it is evergreen.
Common Name: Dwarf Scouring-Rush
Height: 20cm
Price: £6.95 ea.
Geum Rivale
A plant that produces delicate nodding bell shaped pinkie red flowers. Good for pollinators.
Common Name: Water Avens
Price: £6.95 ea.