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Scirpus Cernuus
Glossy thread-like leaves with minute white flower spikes on the tips of each leaf.
Price: £9.95 ea.
Scirpus Zebrinus
Stunning, horizontally white and yellow striped, reed. Needs regular division to maintain the variegations. Not invasive.
Common Name: Zebra Rush
Price: £9.95 ea.
Tulbaghia Violacea
This fragrant plant has pale purple flowers held in terminal umbels. Very free flowering going late into the season.
Common Name: Society Garlic
Price: £4.95 ea.
Typha Gracilis
A smaller Typha, this plant is excellent for medium to large ponds, with a bit of height without domineering the whole pond . It has light golden coloured seed heads.
Price: £4.95 ea.
Zantedeschia Aethiopica Crowborough
Glossy arrow shaped leaves with a large white arum flowers with a yellow spathe.
Common Name: Arum Lily
Price: £9.95 ea.
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