This group contains some of the real stars of The Water Garden. They include both spectacular flowering species, that put on a beautiful show for a month or two and species with wonderful foliage, that add interest for the entire growing season. Many can be also be used to disguise the pond edge and are invaluable for providing cover, so that amphibians can safely enter or leave a pond.

In the wild, marginal plants grow at the pond margins, where the water level fluctuates according to rainfall and the time of year. This means, that these plants can cope with some variation in water depth, but most have an ideal planting depth that you should take into account. All of our plants come with labels, so that you can make sure that you plant them at the correct depth.

Scirpus Albescens
Neat erect reed stems of about 3-4 feet delicately striped vertically cream and green . An attractive back cloth, but keep restricted.
Price: £4.95 ea.
Scirpus Cernuus
Glossy thread-like leaves with minute white flower spikes on the tips of each leaf.
Price: £9.95 ea.
Item currently unavailable - expected back 01/06/2022
Scirpus Zebrinus
Stunning, horizontally white and yellow striped, reed. Needs regular division to maintain the variegations. Not invasive.
Common Name: Zebra Rush
Price: £9.95 ea.