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Iris Louisiana Ann Chowning
A velvety, dark cherry red flowers with a yellow centre. This Iris received the Mary Swords Debaillon Award, the highest reward given to a Louisiana Iris.
Common Name: Ann Chowning Iris
Price: £9.95 ea.
Iris Louisiana Laura Louise
Bright yellow flowers with orange in the centre of each petal. A large flowers that grow to 10cm in diameter from May through to July with vivid green foliage that reach a height of 60cm.
Common Name: Laura Louise
Price: £9.95 ea.
Iris Pseudocorus Bastardii
Slightly paler variant of our native water Iris. Similar growth and if restricted in a basket 2-21/2 feet tall.
Price: £9.95 ea.
Iris Pseudocorus Variegatus
A very showy vertically striped Iris in the Spring. Traditional yellow flowers late Spring but during the Summer loses its white striping.
Price: £9.95 ea.
Juncus Effusus Spiralis
Crazy contorted reed stems give an interesting contrast with other plants if planted together. Only about 12 inches high.
Price: £4.95 ea.
Juncus Ensifolius
Bright green like grass foliage topped with numerous dark brown seed heads.
Common Name: Flying Hedgehog
Price: £4.95 ea.
Lobelia cardinalis
Brilliant red flowers against the lush green foliage is a must for any size of pond.
Common Name: Cardinal Flower
Price: £4.95 ea.
Lysichitum Camtschatcense
So called because of it's unusual aroma if the leaves are crushed. Grown mostly for it's large white arum like flowers in high summer.
Common Name: White skunk cabbage
Price: £4.95 ea.
Mazus Reptans Alba
A lovely plant that gives very good ground cover. A matt like foliage with a mass of bright purple flowers from May to July. Perfect for attracting a multitude of wildlife.
Common Name: Chinese Marsh Flower
Price: £4.95 ea.
Mazus Reptans Blue
This marginal is a low creeping plant that forms dense mats of blue flowers that flower prolifically throughout the summer.
Price: £4.95 ea.
Mentha Cervina (Preslia cervina)
A neat quick growing mint of about 10-12 inches height. Producing, in late Summer clusters of lavender balls on upright stems. Pleasant strong scent. Needs restricting.
Common Name: European Mint
Price: £4.95 ea.
Mentha Pulegium
A creeping variety with small leaves with a mint smell. Good for bees.
Common Name: Penny royal
Price: £4.95 ea.
Mimulus Guttatus
Numerous bright yellow flowers with small reddish spots throughout the summer mark it a very popular plant either for the bog garden or pond.
Price: £4.95 ea.
Mimulus Red Emperor
Bright red trumpet shaped flowers all summer long.
Height: 20cm
Price: £4.95 ea.
Mimulus Ringens
Longer and narrower leaves than the other Mimulus variates with violet blue flowers on tall stems.
Common Name: Lavender musk
Price: £4.95 ea.
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