Planting Baskets

Planting baskets come in various sizes. Their fine mesh allows water to move freely in and out enabling plants to obtain the nutrients they need from the water. Line with hessian to keep the soil in place and allow the roots to grow well.

Betta Contour Basket
Size: 10 litres
Price: £2.40 ea.
Betta Extra Large Basket
Size: 35cm square, 22.5 litres
Price: £4.00 ea.
Betta Large Basket
Size: 28cm square, 10 litres
Price: £2.40 ea.
Betta Medium Square Basket
Size: 23cm square, 5 litres
Price: £1.75 ea.
Betta Mini Square Basket
Size: 10cm square, 1 litre
Price: £0.95 ea.
Betta Round Basket
Size: 22cm diameter, 3 litres
Price: £1.75 ea.
Betta Small Square Basket
Size: 19cm square, 2 litres
Price: £1.35 ea.
Hessian Squares
Perfect for lining planting baskets allowing the roots of the plants to push through but keeping the aquatic soil in.
Size: Approx 45cm square
Price: £0.99 ea.