Mike & Anne


A picture of Anne
Anne Newman

Both lovers of the outdoor life, each having very different leisure interests but both linked by the love of their home and garden. Anne’s abilities as a patient skilful gardener are apparent in beautiful specimens of the plants she rears and maintains. As well as the water plants her Hosta and Daylily collections are a testiment to her abilities.

Her relaxation and greatest thrill in life now comes from her Leonberger dogs of which she has 3 at them moment. She occasionally breeds and shows them, qualifying regularly to Crufts. If you ever visit ‘The Water Garden’ and are interested she is always happy to chat dogs!

A picture of Mike
Mike Newman


As a Picean there can be only one theme in his life. Water!

He enjoys nothing better than wading about in muddy water up-rooting waterlilies, catching fish or simply enjoying the wet stuff. Designing water courses, digging new ponds, building water filters, are all heaven sent pastimes to him. As a leasure pursuit, well a boat on the Thames seems the only logical progression and on the few days that are free in the summer months that’s were you will find him.

Messing about on the water!