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A little about us...

The Water Garden has been in existence since 1962 and fills a site of about 2 acres.

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Moisture plants & lilies

We are definitely not a Garden Centre, preferring to specialise entirely on enjoyment of water in the garden. From deep water plants such as Lilies and oxygenators, shallow water plants such as Irises and reeds and the floating plants, through to a selection of waterside plants such as Astilbes Daylilies and Hostas.

We do not supply to the trade but for large quantities of plants we would be pleased to quote a reduced rate.

Picture of our well tended gardens
Big demonstration areas

We are lucky enough to live on the nursery site which is on the edge of the beautiful Wiltshire downs and have laid out the nursery as if it is part of our private garden.

If you have the opportunity to visit you will be made most welcome. The gardens are run very much as a small family business and our intention would be to help transfer to you, the enthusiasm and pleasure we have had from our years of water gardening.

Anne, Mike and Ben Newman

The Water Garden Team