Native Plants

Nymphpoides Peltata
Water Poppy. Small lily like leaves about an inch in diameter, and brilliant deep yellow buttercup like flowers most of the summer held above the surface. Propagates by surface runners that travel across the pond floor, but is easy to control and is not invasive.
Common Name: Water Fringe
Price: £4.50 ea.
Oxygenating Plant Each
Probably the best of the submerged oxygenators, working through a large temperature range and is available most times of the year. Easy to grow.
Price: £1.50 ea.
Phragmites Communis
Price: £3.95 ea.
Potentilla Palustrus
Price: £3.95
Ranunculus Flammula
Price: £3.95 ea.
Sagittaria Sagitifolia
Native. Same effective arrow shaped leaves but the delicate simple white flowers have a black centre
Common Name: Arrowhead
Price: £3.95 ea.
Scirpus Angustifolium
Native. Very showy grass when flowering in July with a carpet of white fluffy cotton wool buds. Only 12-15 inch high. Keep restricted.
Common Name: Cotton Grass
Price: £3.95 ea.
Scirpus Cernuus
Glossy thread-like leaves with minute white flower spikes on the tips of each leaf.
Price: £4.95 ea.
Scirpus Lacustrus
Price: £3.95 ea.
Sparganium Erectum
Price: £3.95 ea.
Stratiodes Aloides
Pineapple top appearance with serrated leaves. Small white flower.
Common Name: Water Soldier
Price: £6.95 ea.
Typha Angustifolia
Not strictly speaking a bulrush but commonly recognised by most because of the cigar shaped flower head. A medium sized variety of about 4 to 5 feet in height.
Common Name: Lesser Reed Mace
Price: £4.95 ea.
Typha Latifolia
Native. The common Bulrush looks very dramatic in a large water garden display. Keep restricted in a small pond. The large variety growing sometimes, 5 feet or more, in height.
Common Name: Reed Mace
Price: £4.95 ea.
Veronica Beccabunga
Native. Creeping dark foliage never higher than 4-5 inches produces clusters of small blue flowers all summer.
Common Name: Brooklime
Price: £3.95 ea.
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