Houttuynia Harlequin
Foliage plant with showy red green and white patchy leaves. Height usually 10-12 inches. Use as a combination plant. Keep restricted.
Price: £3.95 ea.
Hydrocotyle Vulgaris
Attractive low growing carpet of spreading leaves with white flowers.
Price: £3.95 ea.
Hypericum Eliodes
Pretty plant with a creeping habit and lots of small yellow flowers late in the year
Price: £3.95 ea.
Iris Laevigata Variegata
A very special hybrid of Laevigata. Attractive blue flowers combined with stunning vertically variegated foliage which remains sharp all growing season.
Price: £8.95 ea.
Iris Pseudocorus
Native. Broad, sword shaped, leaves. Giving a clean outline to crisp yellow bloom in late spring. A must for a natural or ornamental waterside.
Common Name: Yellow Flag Iris
Price: £4.95 ea.
Iris Pseudocorus Bastardii
Slightly paler variant of our native water Iris. Similar growth and if restricted in a basket 2-21/2 feet tall.
Price: £8.95 ea.
Iris Pseudocorus Variegatus
A very showy vertically striped Iris in the Spring. Traditional yellow flowers late Spring but during the Summer loses its white striping.
Price: £8.95 ea.
Iris Versiclor Kermisina
Similar erect strap like leaf of about 2 feet but the midsummer flowers are a rich purple/claret veined white.
Price: £8.95 ea.
Iris Versicolor Gerald Derby
Handsome erect strap like leaves, purple at the base. Large violet flowers with white and bright yellow veining at the throat.
Price: £8.95 ea.
Iris Versicolor Mysterios Monique
Spectacular dark purple, lavender and gold flowers on long stems in mid-summer
Price: £8.95 ea.
Juncus Effusus Spiralis
Crazy contorted reed stems give an interesting contrast with other plants if planted together. Only about 12 inches high.
Price: £3.95 ea.
Juncus Ensifolius
Miniature rush of only 6-10 inches height. Graceful narrow iris-like stems and a dark almost black flower head in late August.
Price: £3.95 ea.
Juncus Inflexus
Price: £3.95
Lysichitum Camtschatcense
Price: £3.95
Lysimachia Nummularia
Creeping stems with small clean sage green cup shaped foliage. Myriads of bright yellow flower near all Summer.
Common Name: Creeping Jenny
Price: £3.95 ea.
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